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Repair Lining of Large Diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe
Author: Gary J. Volpe, Roy C. Fedotoff, Peter H. Bellows, William N. Anderson
Presented at the California Water Pollution Control Association Annual Conference, Sacramento, California, April 28, 1988

The six 54-inch-diameter reinforced concrete pipes between the influent pumps and the primary treatment structure at the Sacrament Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant were damaged during construction. Leakage from these 40-foot-deep, pressure pipes caused serious settlement problems and threatened start-up and operation of the plant. Proximity of surrounding structures made replacement of the piping too expensive and difficult. Inversion lining by Insituform was chosen as the best repair alternative. This application was at the time of installation, the largest diameter and thickest liner ever applied by the inversion process. The liner strength properties were lower than specified, but the liners have been in service successfully for over 5 years without any serious or significant wear problems.