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Plant Expansion With Energy Conservation (Medford, OR)
Author: John C. Detweiler, Woodie Muirhead
Date: 10/84
Presented at the 51st Annual Conference of Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association, Eugene, Oregon, October 1984

Expanding the secondary treatment process to nearly twice its capacity, while reducing the total plant's energy bill by one-half, is only one of the unique components of the expansion program at the Medford Water Quality Control Plant (MWQCP). The expansion program, achieved through the close working relationship among Brown and Caldwell, the city, and plant personnel, also includes a staged construction program managed by the city and financed by local funds, and significant construction cost savings through prepurchase equipment contracts, multiple construction contracts, and purchase of some used materials. This paper will focus on the energy reduction achieved through expansion and conscientious operation of the secondary treatment process.