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A Tailor-Made System for Sludge Treatment in Dallas
Author: Gary Newman, John Zink

A systemwide wastewater sludge management plan is currently being implemented by Dallas Water Utilities. The plan provides treatment and disposal for all sludge produced in its wastewater treatment system through the year 2010. An important component of this plan is the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (CWWTP) Anaerobic Digestion/Sludge Thickening and Energy Recovery Project. The purpose of this project is to reduce volume and quantity of solids produced by the 568,000 cubic meter per day (150 million gallon per day-mgd) CWWTP prior to disposal at another treatment plant. In addition, operation and maintenance cost will be offset by utilization of methane gas produced by the digestion process in the on-site production of electric and thermal energy.