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Influence of Particulate Control on Waste Management: Integrated Environmental Control Pilot Plant Results
Author: Patrick M. Maroney, Steven A. Davidson, J. Edward Chichanowicz

Results with the EPRI 2.5 MW (e) Integrated Environmental Control Pilot Plant (IECPP) compare the influence of particulate penetration on scrubber waste production and properties. Tests compared a fabric filter/wet scrubber and ESP/wet scrubber, the latter operated to simulate 1979 NSPS, 1971 NSPS, and pre-NSPS units. Tests were conducted with low sulfur coal at 400 ppm; flue gas spiking could be used to increase SO2 to 2000 ppm. Scrubber waste was dewatered in a thickener and vacuum belt filter (to 55% solids content), and fixed with fly ash.