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Class A Biosolids Through Storage and Air Drying-Project Initiation
Author: Perry L. Schafer, Joseph B. Farrell

Municipal wastewater agencies are finding that it is increasingly desirable to provide high-quality biosolids products. Pathogen content often needs to meet, in essence, a pathogen-free standard (Class A requirements per the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) new 40 CFR Part 503 rules). Costs for the traditional Class A biosolids processes are relatively high, and, therefore, there is clearly a need for low-cost, innovative, and low-technology processes that will meet Class A pathogen control standards. Agencies with small wastewater facilities and limited budgets, in particular, have difficulty in funding the more costly Class A processes. The research work described here will help fill that need by defining the key factors that can be used to control biosolids storage and air drying systems so that Class A products are created.