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Googong Water Treatment Plant and Pump Station
Author: Geoff A. Carthew, A.J. Macoun

The googong water supply project is a major augmentation of the Canberra Queanbeyan water supply system. Water impounded by the Googong dam is pumped to the nearby water treatment plant and then gravitates by trunk mains to supply Canberra and Queanbeyan. This paper describes the water treatment plant and pump station. Information is presented on the design parameters, the plant layout and control features. A discussion of plant commissioning in the first few months of operation is also included. The existing water supply to Canberra is drawn from three dams on the Cotter River with a combined storage of 90,800 ML and is capable of serving an equivalent population of 225,000 persons at unrestricted demand. This population has been exceeded and the National Capital Development Commission has undertaken construction of the Googong water supply project, located on the Queanbeyan River, 9 km south of Queanbeyan in NSW. This project, when developed to ultimate capacity and operated in conjunction with the existing Cotter River system, will cater for a population of 450,000 persons.