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Total Containment of Solids at the 5.96 m3/s (136mgd) Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Author: Warren L. Uhte, Paul A. Scheidegger, Gary J. Volpe, William N. Anderson, Allen K. Wolfenden
Presented at the 53rd Annual Conference, Water Pollution Control Federation, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2, 1980

A wastewater authority encounters many constraints in the processing and disposal of wastewater-generated solids. These constraints frequently include regulatory agency controls, lack of sufficient land, and poor climatic conditions. Through careful planning and thorough engineering studies, a self-contained solids processing and disposal system has been designed and constructed for the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (district) new 5.96 cubic meter per second (136 mgd) activated-sludge secondary treatment plant. This solids system is under the total control of the district and is notably unaffected by many of today's common wastewater solids processing and disposal constraints.