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Wastewater Reclamation for Industrial and Agricultural Uses
Author: David L. Eisenhauer, Nestor D. Vivado
Date: 5/280
Presented before the Conferencia Europea Sobre Saneamiento de Ciudades Madrid Lucha Contra La Contaminacion del Agua, Madrid, Spain, March 28-30, 1980

The approval of the Clean Water Act of 1977 by the U.S. Congress encourages the use of efficient technologies--both economically and energy wise--in wastewater treatment plants and promotes the reuse and recycling of water, energy, and nutrients. The act classifies certain technological processes as Innovative or Alternative-I/A. Likewise, the act defines the criteria and methodology that may be used to quality a technology as I/A. The qualified projects are eligible for additional federal grant funds to finance the design and construction of the wastewater treatment plant. It is of interest to point out that Brown and Caldwell, consulting engineers, has employed this I/A concept since it was founded in 1947. For instance, the paper by Dr. David H. Caldwell, one of the founders of the firm, on the use of oxidation ponds as treatment plants gave additional impetus to the use of this treatment process. Later in 1950, the firm conducted a detailed study of the infiltration of surface runoff into sanitary sewers, and during this study the use of a photographic camera was adopted for use inside sewer lines to investigate and to establish their structural integrity. Recently, two wastewater treatment plants have been constructed which are based on technologies developed by the company and whose effluents are adequate for industrial or agricultural uses. These plants are located in Contra Costa County and City of Santa Rosa, California, U.S.A.