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Adsorption of Water-Soluble Polychlorinated Biphenyl Aroclor 1242 and Used Capacitor Fluid by Soil Materials and Coal Chars
Author: Michael C. Lee, Robert A. Griffin, M.L. Miller, Edward S.K. Chian
Date: 6/105

Adsorption of the water-soluble PCBs Aroclor 1242 and a used capacitor fluid (impregnated with Aroclor 1242) by five earth materials and their low-temperature ashes were studied under constant-temperature laboratory conditions. The five earth materials studied were medium-temperature coal char (MTC), high-temperature coal char (HTC), Catlin soil (CS), montmorillonite clay (MC), and Ottawa silica sand (OS). Adsorption followed the series MTC > HTC > CS > MC > OS.