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Bioremediation of Coal Tar Contaminated Soil in a Slurry Bioreactor
Author: Henryk Melcer, Carol E. Aziz
Date: 6/194
Presented at the 87th Annual Meeting and Exhibition Air and Waste Management Association, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 19-24, 1994

Until recently, the remediation of most contaminated sites in Canada was achieved by excavating the contaminated soil and transporting it to a landfill. Although expedient, this approach is becoming cost-prohibitive as tipping fees increase due to the scarcity of landfill space. Biological treatment of contaminated soil is an attractive alternative as it has the potential for complete mineralization of the contaminants of concern at a considerably lower cost than other destructive technologies such as incineration. Although bioremediation can take many forms, including land treatment, in situ remediation, and composting, bioslurry reactors have the potential to treat contaminated soil at the greatest rate.