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Upgrading Wastewater Stabilization Ponds, Construction Procedures and Review of Plans and Grant Applications
Author: Warren R. Uhte
Date: 8/274
Presented at the Symposium on Upgrading Wastewater Stabilization Ponds to Meet New Discharge Standards, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, August 21, 1974

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty on the design, construction and operation consideration which are involved in Federal and State review and approval of upgrading wastewater stabilization ponds let's first discuss some of the general problems usually connected with such facilities. As most pond installations are the equivalent of small plants some of the introductory remarks of Professor George Tchobanoglous in his paper on "Wastewater Treatment for Small Communities" given at the Conference on Rural Environmental Engineering, Warren, Vermont, September 1973 are directly applicable to this discussion.