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Three California Water Reclamation Case Histories
Author: Richard J. Stenquist, Robert M. Hunter, Robert L. Mills, Myron E. Steele
Presented at the Water Reuse Symposium, Washington, D.C., March 1979

Water reclamation has been practiced to a limited extent for may years in California. The need for additional supplies in water-short regions of the state was emphasized by the recent two-year drought, and an accelerated interest in reclamation projects has been the result. Presented in this paper are discussions of three specific projects, each in a different stage of development. The objectives of these discussions are to review the steps leading to the project, to describe the types of reuse practices in each situation, and to recount some of the difficulties faced in implementing the project. It is hoped that this will aid other communities which are contemplating a reuse program of some type.