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An Analysis Program for Planar Orthogonal Frame with Diagonal Bracings and Elastic Supports--by Energy Methods
Author: Chung Y. Chiu
Date: 9/178

During the last decade the digital computer and matrix methods have been rapidly grown as a most efficient and economic tool to analyze the large complex structural framing system. Using computer handling the structural problems has become very voguish, and interested to the structural engineers since the lower rate of the materialization of time-sharing was available in the engineering market around 1965. This program represents the analysis of the orthogonal planar frame which can be allowed to combine with diagonal hinged ends bracing members as well as spring supporting members to the orthogonal frame. The purpose of this program is developed for the linear structural analysis of frame and elastic members subject to static loading as the practical structural engineers most confronted problems. The topics presented in this manuscript are threefold; first, for engineers to refresh the principle of displacement (stiffness) method, a thorough formulation of the stiffness matrix to be suitable for digital computer software is clearly described in PART I. Also, the large system of equation solved by band matrix and Cholesky algorithm in form to standard routine are briefly discussed in this part; second, the reader is introduced to the logical construction of the program, the code-address storage allocation, the program analysis capacities, and the numerical techniques used; finally, the user's manual of this program is given.