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Pragmatic Approaches to Regulation and Control
Author: Hilary M. Theisen
Date: 5/205
Presented at the 28th California Transportation and Public Works Conference, 1976

The recent mandates of the State of California regarding solid waste management have caused counties to assume, among other responsibilities, an increased responsibility to develop comprehensive plans. The mandates are specific and include a requirement that completed plans delineate the regulation and control means for all elements of the solid waste management system. Many counties have completed their preliminary plans and are now considering the administrative details leading to the implementation of programs within the plan. It seems reasonable to assume that the staffs of city and county public works and engineering departments will have an increased responsibility in future system management. Initially, the most significant responsibilities can be expected in the regulation and control of system programs. Operating responsibilities can be expected to remain relatively static until the effects of state mandates are measured and evaluated.