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Pyrolysis Gas from Solid Waste Will Provide Total Power Demand for a Major Wastewater Reclamation Plant
Author: Richard C. Aberley, Ronald B. Sieger, Brian D. Bracken
Date: 12/77
Presented at the Miami International Conference on Alternative Energy Sources, Miami, Florida, December 5-7, 1977

The background and process description of a 40 million gallon per day wastewater reclamation plant is reviewed as a prelude to describing some specific results and applications of a full-scale test of an energy conversion system which pyrolyzes a mixture of wastewater solids and municipal solid waste in multiple-hearth furnaces. Details of furnace operation, resulting gas characteristics and afterburner operation are presented. Advantages of pyrolysis over incineration are explained. Planned modifications to existing furnaces at the plant and details of additional equipment to be added are defined. Finally, the solid waste energy conversion system integrated with the water reclamation plant is described with an explanation of back-up provisions and air emissions.