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Incineration-Pyrolysis of Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge
Author: Ronald B. Sieger, Patrick M. Maroney
Date: 5/305
Prepared for the EPA Technology Transfer Design Seminar for Sludge Treatment and Disposal, 1978 update

Sludge disposal is a major consideration in the planning and design of new wastewater treatment plants and in the expansion and upgrading of existing facilities. Along with the increasing sophistication of wastewater treatment comes more sludge and greater disposal problems. Many wastewater treatment facilities have shown that satisfactory treatment and disposal of sludge can be the most complex and costly operation in a municipal wastewater treatment system. A sludge disposal system which reduces the volume of material to be handled and disposed, and saves or recovers needed energy and resources is very desirable. If this system is cost-effective, the selection of a sludge disposal system is facilitated for particular communities.