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The Operator Joins the Design Team
Author: Dan P. Norris, Floyd W. Collins
Date: 10/76
Presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association, Seattle, Washington, October 28, 1976

When we talk about the operator joining the wastewater treatment plant design team, we are not referring to the most common form of operator involvement in a design project. It is common for the consulting engineer to pick the operator's brains for information on an existing plant at the start of a design project and submit a set of drawings for the operator's review when the design is finished. We are talking about a major step beyond this rudimentary operator involvement, in which the operator serves as a decision-making member of the design task force throughout most of the design period. Two primary factors have made this approach both practicable and desirable: (1) recent advances in operator professionalism, and (2) EPA requirements for the preparation of a thorough, high-quality operation and maintenance manual for each plant as a condition of grant eligibility.