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Wastewater Solids Storage Basins-A Useful Buffer Between Solids Stabilization and Final Disposal
Author: Warren R. Uhte
Presented at California Water Pollution Control Association, Lake Tahoe, California, April 14, 1975

One of the major problems involved in the final disposal of wastewater solids is the need to match disposal operations to solids production. Wastewater solids are produced on a continuous basis 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Land use is practically always limited to good weather and may be further limited by seasons and by agricultural constraints. Successful land utilization of these solids required some means of separation between supply and demand. Work on the development of a cost-effective wastewater solids processing and disposal system for the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Management Program indicates that properly designed wastewater solids storage basins can provide this separation.1