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Unit Process Performance Modeling and Economics for Cannery Waste Treatment
Author: Denny S. Parker, John R. Monser, Robert G. Spicher
Date: 5/763
Presented at the 23rd Purdue Industrial Waste Conference, May 7-9 1968

The canning industry is more frequently undertaking waste treatment operation at the cannery site rather than alternative disposal of its wastes. This trend is caused by both economic and political considerations and the particular circumstances of each cannery. For instance, canneries presently disposing of wastes into municipal systems may be faced with increasing municipal assessments or stricter effluent standards. More stringent legislation has necessitated treatment where treatment was not previously required. Whatever the cause necessitating in-plant treatment the individual cannery will undoubtedly seek the least costly answer to its particular waste problem. With this goal in mind, the purpose of this presentation is to indicate the general format for the technical and economic analysis of the processes available to the cannery for the handling of its wastes. To further this aim, several unit processes will be analyzed with reference to one particular cannery waste. Due to the specific nature of this data, the performance and cost data developed will be rather limited in application and the reader should keep this in mind in attempting to adapt them to a particular situation. For the application of this data into a general model for the determination of the "best" solution from among the various alternative processes, the reader is directed to Reference (1).