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Annual Conference & Exposition 2019 (June 9-12, Denver, CO)

Join us for the American Water Works Association's Annual Conference & Exposition 2019 in Denver, Colorado. Brown and Caldwell will be among today's water visionaries, as well as the next generation of leaders, igniting change – taking us from ideas to industry standards, from pilot testing to proven solutions, from today to tomorrow.

Let’s advance innovation together!

Monday, June 10
Stretch Dollars and Generate the Right Support by Building a Defensible CIP
Jacob Young
2:00PM | Mile High Ballroom 2B
0 to 60 in the PFAS Lane!
Jeffrey Jackson
2:00PM | Exhibit Hall – Booth #2848

Squeezing the Last Drop with Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis
Alex Waite
2:00PM | Exhibit Hall – Booth #2848

Tuesday, June 11
Hydraulic Modeling-Development, Calibration, and Analysis
Christie Patel (Moderator)
8:30AM | Mile High Ballroom 2C
Colorado’s Water Plan: Collaborative, Statewide Water Forecasting and Planning in Uncertain Times
Matt Lindburg (Moderator)
8:30AM | Mile High Ballroom 4A
How to Design a Coupon Corrosion Control Study?
Jeffrey Jackson
10:00AM | Exhibit Hall – Booth #2848
Restoring Water Accessibility in California
Katie Porter
10:15AM | Mile High Ballroom 2B
The Second Time’s the Charm: CMMS Change Management at South Adams County
Jessica Bishop
10:15AM | Room 403
Panel Discussion: Managing Affordability
Katie Porter
11:15AM | Mile High Ballroom 2B
Efficacy of Ozonation, Biofiltration, and Adsorption in Wastewater Potable Reuse to Meet Disinfectant Byproduct Regulations
Steven Shiokari
1:30PM | Room 405
Integrated Water Management: Planning for Future Water Supplies
Lynn Williams-Stephens
1:30PM | Room 403
System Failures Creating Challenges: Finding the Root Cause While Navigating Through a Maze of Data
Ravi Ravisangar
2:30PM | Mile High Ballroom 1A
Anticipating Trade-Offs of Using Alternative Water Supplies
Erin Mackey, Wendy Broley
3:15PM | Room 403
Panel Discussion: Working Together to Advance Potable Reuse
Allegra de Silva
3:30PM | Exhibit Hall – Booth #1420
Panel Discussion: Integrated Water Management
Wendy Broley
4:05PM | Room 403
Biofiltration – Benefits and Challenges
Lynn Williams-Stephens
4:05PM | Room 303
Wednesday, June 12
Innovative Concept and Approaches to Addressing Uncertainty in Long-Range Planning
Erin Mackey (Moderator)
1:30PM | Mile High Ballroom 4A
Reuse Technologies and Applications - Focus on the Future
Wendy Broley (Moderator)
1:30PM | Mile High Ballroom 3C
Monitoring and Optimizing Biological Filtration
Lynn Williams-Stephens (Moderator)
1:30PM | Room 501
Is Potable Reuse the Answer?: Case Study for an Arizona Community
Katie Vanyo
2:00PM | Mile High Ballroom 3C
Smart Utility: Building a Foundation for Artificial Intelligence
Michael Karl
2:30PM | Mile High Ballroom 1F
Leveraging Industry Experience to Anticipate the Trade-Offs of Alternative Water Supplies
Erin Mackey
3:30PM | Mile High Ballroom 4A
How JVWCD is Empowering Utility Staff Across Departments Through High Performance HMI and Smart Utility
Jacob Young
4:00PM | Mile High Ballroom 1F


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