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Annual Conference & Exposition 2018: Innovating the Future of Water (June 11-14, Las Vegas, NV)
Join us for the American Water Works Association's Annual Conference & Exposition 2018 in Las Vegas. Brown and Caldwell will be among the water industry's thought leaders and subject matter experts sharing insights on how to help solve our global water challenges through innovation, collaboration, and smart technology
Let's go explore the future of our water! 

Tuesday, June 12

Baby Boomer Water System  How to Prepare Now for that Coming Tidal Wave of Retiring Assets
Melanie Holton
2:30 PM
Utilizing a Variety of Contract Mechanisms to Implement a New Water Supply Program
Kelly Comstock
3:00 PM

Monetizing Spare Water Treatment Capacity for Transfers: What It Takes to Get It Done
Paul Selsky
3:30 PM
Overview of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)
Bill Leever
3:30 PM

Wednesday, June 13

Evaluation of Surface Water Augmentation at Lake Jennings
JP Semper
9:00 AM
Disinfection Trends and Changes Since 2007
Erin Mackey
9:10 AM 

Novel Salinity Reduction Approach for Reduced Concentrate Management Costs
Erin Mackey
10:00 AM

Is My Concentrate Worth the Squeeze?
Sunny Wang
10:30 AM 
Bay Area Regional Reliability: Partnering to Improve the San Francisco Bay Area’s Drought Resilience
Jenny Gain
1:30 PM

Adapting to Change  Declining Flows and Utility Systems
Melanie Holmer
2:30 PM
Real World Examples of How Students and YPs View the Water Industry
Jocelyn Lu
4:00 PM

Thursday, June 14

Improving Water Supply Reliability in California
Jenny Gain and Katie Ruby
8:30 AM
Smart Utility — The Future Is Now
Michael Karl
Can SRT Control CECs in Potable Reuse? An Analysis of CEC Removal in Advanced Treatment in California
Hari Seshan
Volunteers in Action: Managing Projects and Seeing Success on "Volunteer Time"
Lynn Williams Stephens
9:45 AM

Adapting to Potential Climate Change Impacts to Honolulu’s Water Supply and Infrastructure
Susan Mukai
10:00 AM
Smart Utility Innovation  Leveraging Smart SCADA
Michael Karl
10:00 AM
Enabling Water Supply Reliability Through Tech Innovation
Kati Bell
10:30 AM
Successes, Best Practices and How to Serve More Communities
Lynn Williams Stephens
10:30 AM

Assisting Small Water Systems with Water Quality Issues through AWWA's Community Engineering Corps (CECorps)
Lynn Williams Stephens
2:30 PM  


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