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Brown and Caldwell’s leadership supports Water For People on Leadership Council

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., October 9, 2015 — Richard D’Amato, Executive Vice President, demonstrated Brown and Caldwell’ssupport of Water For People by participating in its Leadership Council meeting at the conclusion of the Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference in Chicago. The purpose of the Council is to strengthen the historic relationship between Water For People and the engineering and construction community by increasing the level of engagement between Water For People and Council members for the benefit of all parties.

The Council is comprised of senior leaders from six companies: AECOM, ARCADIS, Bentley Systems, Brown and Caldwell, CDM Smith and CH2M. These companies provide support to Water For People through company donations and sponsorships, workplace giving programs, and employee volunteerism.

Patrick McCann, chair of Water For People’s board of directors, facilitated the meeting along with Chief Executive Officer Eleanor Allen.

"Our Leadership Council meeting was lively, interactive, and full of thoughtful discussion,” said Ms. Allen. "Water For People is fortunate to have such great champions as partners. The Council helps us not only share our successes to grow our community of supporters, but the members provide excellent input on our strategy for growth and feedback on how best to tell our stories and spread the word about the work we do.

At this year’s Council, participants received updates about Everyone Forever which is Water For People’s delivery method to reach every family, school, and clinic (Everyone) in the 30 districts in nine countries where it works. Two districts have reached Everyone, and four more are scheduled to declare Everyone by the end of 2016. Forever is about building sustainable local water boards and governance structures, along with rate collection, to operate and maintain the infrastructure for generations to come.

Most non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the water and sanitation sector focus only on building water and sanitation infrastructure. Water For People is unique in its more comprehensive and sustainable approach to not only partner with communities to build infrastructure but also build capacity and institutions for long-term operation and aid-independence. Part of Water For People’s mission is to collaborate with other NGOs to accelerate reaching universal coverage to water and sanitation globally in line with Sustainable Development Goal #6—universal access to water, sanitation, and hygiene services by 2030. Several NGOs have become Water For People partners, and are now implementing Everyone Forever together. Furthering that, Water For People announced the Agenda for Change; a partnership between Water For People, WaterAid, IRC, and Aguaconsult.

Each member of the Council then shared successes and challenges facing their firms regarding Water For People. For Brown and Caldwell that included: a successful and well run workplace giving program that resulted in over $100,000 in donations to Water For People, as well as strong support for employee involvement in local volunteer groups.

The meeting ended with members expressing their support for Water For People and appreciation for the opportunity to contribute to Water For People’s success in ending water poverty. To learn more about how you can join Brown and Caldwell in supporting Water For People, click here


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